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Did you know that the e-learning market is growing to be worth over $200 billion? With online markets constantly surging, the need for voice talent is only increasing as well. But how can you find the best voice over talent available?

If you’re curious about voice talent services, we’re here to help. Read on for a brief overview of how to find the best talent for your needs.

Why Hire Voice Talent?

To start, why should you hire a voice talent service at all? Wouldn’t you save money by doing the voice over yourself?

We’ve all heard poorly done voice over work. Whether it was a badly done translation dub of a foreign show or a low-budget video game, bad voice acting is common.

While sometimes comical, these examples show a lack of professionalism and quality. Few people hear bad voice acting and have faith or trust in a brand. Instead, they begin to associate the brand with a low budget and poor production.

If you’re not a professional voice actor, doing your voice over is a poor choice. Instead, take some time to find some exceptional voice talents. They can help your brand seem more professional and higher quality while appealing to more customers.

3 Tips for Finding Voice Talent

Now that we know why you should hire voice talents, we can look at tips for how to find them. Here are three crucial tips on how to find voice actors for your project.

Don’t Only Rely on Experience

When you’re hiring professionals, it’s tempting to get the individual with the most experience. Why hire someone with 2 years experience when someone else has 20?

In acting, experience isn’t always the only mark of quality. More experienced actors may charge more or have a stricter range of what they can do.

A voice actor with less experience often works for a lower price. They’ll also be happy to bend their comfort zone so they can work on building their portfolio.

Emphasize Range

If you intend to hire a voice actor for several projects, you should look into their range. A voice actor’s range is how many different voices or categories they can fulfill.

If your voice actor can only fulfill one category, you can only use them for that purpose! Find actors that can help you in multiple ways instead of filling a single role.

Articulation and Clarity

Finally, you should find voice actors that speak clearly and fluently. It’s important that your voice actors have a voice that people can understand!

Have your voice talent read a few test lines and see how well they articulate. Ensure that their voice is clear, professional, and well-articulated for a high-quality performance.

Finding the Best Voice Talent

Whether you’re recording for a radio station or creating a video game, finding the best voice talent is crucial. Find talents with a wide range and an articulate, clear voice. Don’t jump on the most experienced name you find – research first!

For more information on how to find the best voice talents, be sure to contact us.

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