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Radio Ad

Are Radio Ads Worth Investing In?

Over 3 billion people listen to the radio around the world. The entire radio industry manages to rake in around $40 billion in annual revenue. While this market is international,
voice talent

How to Find the Right Voice Talent for Your Project

Animated videos make up 33% of business advertising. These animated videos will utilize voice talent to bring the advertisement to life. Getting the right voice actors for your marketing project
radio brand

How To Start Establishing Your Radio Station Brand

At least 83% of Americans listen to the radio. So if you’re about to launch a new show, you’ll have plenty of listeners ready and waiting. But before you can
radio programming

What Are the Challenges of Radio Programming?

Plenty has been said about the decline of radio, as streaming takes center stage for music lovers everywhere. However, recent years have seen a revival of radio programming. Thanks to
radio show host

5 Secrets To Becoming an Amazing Radio Show Host

Do you want your voice heard? Go on air and reach lots of listeners! About 90% of Americans over the age of 12 still tune in to radio waves each
choose the best topics for your radio show

How to Choose the Best Topics for Your Radio Show

Canadian experimenter Reginald Fessenden created the first version of a radio talk show when he produced an hour of talk and music for technical observers in 1906. The signal was transmitted